My room, our garden, my host family, jaming spontanousely with my host brother, sitting outside under the balcony when it‘s dark, fresh fruits like papaya, bananas, coconuts, watermelon, mangos, waking up in my mosquito net, lizards, the singing of the birds, teaching my class, eating puf puf, making a workout with Nora, exchanging thoughts and feelings with her, wearing dresses, having time to do things I love when I‘m home, the cameroonian singing, being away and experience good things and knowing I will be back, seeing fireflys, seeing the mount Cameroon and the sunset, rainfalls at night that sound like waterfalls, rain during a hot day, chicken (to eat and to cuddle :D), peanuts, plantanes, being so relaxed after a shower, being thankful about water and electrcity, preparing a german lesson, driving by bike through untilled streets, peeling a coconut, talking so much english… and I think there is more… maybe I will update that list one day 🙂